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About Senegalese Children's Aid Group

The Senegalese Children's Aid Group (SCAG) is a non-profit organization based in Denver, Colorado whose primary goal is to provide medical equipment to Senegalese pediatric hospitals, starting with the Albert Royer National Children’s Hospital.
The SCAG is made up of doctors, nurses, and members of the Senegalese community living in The United States who have deep roots to Senegal, West Africa.

We are individuals committed to seeing that the care that is readily accessible to children in The United States can also be provided to children in Senegal.

We will be an essential partner in creating a sustainable relationship between The U.S. and Senegalese health and educational providers to improve their treatment capacity and educational quality throughout the country.

"Children are the reward of life."  - African Proverb


Improving the health, welfare and education of Senegalese children through the provision of high quality medical and educational support.

Our Mission


Increasing the number of Senegalese children receiving the proper care that is readily available for children in the United States.

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